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Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard

AHEC EEED DemoQA Graphics’ Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard® (EEED) educates building occupants with energy data and green building features using a kiosk or desktop, tablet, or mobile device. The Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard (EEED) creates occupant awareness through the display of building performance data, demonstrations of sustainable building features, tips on how to be efficient and other educational features.

To illustrate building performance, the energy dashboard communicates with the building automation system (BAS) or other devices to display the data in a way that’s easy to understand. Display any data in the building automation system (energy, water, gas, steam, PV, wind, etc.).

The Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard is ideal for any organization to educate about their green building features and energy efficiency practices, used by schools, universities, businesses, healthcare facilities, data centers, retail and more. Engage occupants with the sustainable education anywhere, anytime. Share the interactive application on a display in a common area, on the web, and on mobile devices.      

Energy Dashboard Industry Uses

Commercial Schools Universities Healthcare Government


Applebees_HomeThe Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard serves as a great marketing solution to educate occupants, customers and the public about the organization’s sustainable initiatives as well as engage occupants so they participate to help lower operating costs. The solution can also be used to meet all display needs like building directory, calendar of events, organization information, menu, advertising and more.

 "The level of detail that QA Graphics provides is outstanding. There aren’t any flaws in its performance and graphics are surreal."

-Mike Berry, Director of Constructions & Facilities, Apple-Metro, Inc.


BuildingDataThe Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard can enhance any green curriculum program, providing a creative approach to environmental education. Teach students more about the environment and encourage them to participate in the school's sustainable initiatives. Displaying school resource along with education on how to conserve resources can encourage everyone to be more environmentally conscious. The interactive application can be used via a touchscreen or kiosk in the lobby, on mobile devices, interactive whiteboards, existing computer networks or other technology common to schools.

“The dashboard will allow students to actively learn math by compiling building data. The dashboard will collect this tangible data and infuse live math into daily classes for students to manipulate and learn from.”

-MaryAnne Hejna, math department chair at Nichols School


Salisbury_Home-58-600-450-100-cThe Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard is used by universities to inform students, prospective students, parents, faculty, and donors about the campus' sustainable initiatives. It can also be used to engage the campus and motivate them to participate in conserving resources to lower operating costs.  Displayed via building kiosks, mobile applications and online, the solution can be used to meet other display needs such as building directories, events calendar, menus and more.

“The dashboard provides a way for visitors to learn about the building as well as students living and visiting there to be aware of how their lifestyles impact the environment.”

- Andrea Wenger, director of marketing and communications at Eastern Mennonite University


Swedish_home-51-545-408-100The Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard can help healthcare facilities inform patients, families, staff and donors about their sustainable building initiatives. Facilities can share how their sustainable changes reduce energy or water use, and also make the building a healthier place, improving patient experiences. With the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) introduction of LEED for Healthcare, the Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard also contributes towards satisfying a LEED Innovation in Design credit.  The solution can be used to meet all display needs like building directory, calendar of events, organization information, donor recognition and more.


FarmingtonHillsEEED2The Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard can be used by government organizations to educate both occupants and the public on the sustainable features used throughout the building and illustrate efficient resource use.  The solution can also be used to meet all display needs like calendar of events, organization information, building directory and more.

“The solution looks great and is very user friendly.  The interactive demonstrations are the most used feature on the dashboard, showing how the geothermal and solar panel systems work.”

-Nate Geinzer, Assistant to the City Manager, The City of Farmington Hills

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