QA Graphics, leading provider of design services for the building automation industry, has completed a unique residential BAS graphics project for New England Energy Controls.

New England Energy controls, Inc. (NEEC) is a prominent independent temperature control and HVAC Service Contractor based in East Haddam, CT, serving building owners both as an HVAC Dehumidifier BAS Graphic servicing vendor and energy cost managing contractor/consultant. New England Energy Controls first looked to QA Graphics in 2013 to provide BAS system graphics for a high school project. Then a unique high-end residential project came up to bid. Because of QA Graphics’ ability to provide custom graphics, they looked to QA Graphics to provide all of the system graphics for this 18,000 square foot residential project.  

KMC Controls was the building automation system installed on this residential project. QA Graphics provided all of the system graphics for use on the KMC Total Control platform. This included custom graphics for the site plan, navigation, semi-realistic floor plans as well as 3D graphics to realistically showcase the 12 air handling units and geothermal system located on the property. Alarm notifications have been put in place to notify the owners via email and text messaging and the graphics are accessible by the owner at a designated work station in the home, as well as on an iPad.

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Iowa Utilities Building is featured in High Performance Building’s spring magazine, in the article Integrating a High-Performance Building, describing how design teams can integrate building envelope HVAC, lighting and shading. View the article here. QA Graphics developed an Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard® that is on display in the lobby of this building to educate on why the building is LEED certified and provide real-time building performance data.


 QA Graphics, Iowa based design firm, is pleased to announce the hiring of Rachel Weerheim as the company’s new Marketing Coordinator.

Prior to beginning at QA Graphics, Rachel worked as the Sales Manager for Acquire Magazine – a real estate publication in Central Iowa. She was responsible for business development, client relations, and oversaw all magazine operations. Before joining the magazine, Rachel earned her Bachelors of Arts in communication studies from the University of Northern Iowa, where she also completed several internships in the marketing and promotions industry.

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March 19

Supermarket News has published the article “New website, store displays highlight Hy-Vee sustainability” which discusses, the sustainable website, and Sustainable Building Dashboards that QA Graphics has worked with Hy-Vee to develop.  Read the article here.




March 10, 2014
HyVee360 Website

QA Graphics continues to work with Hy-Vee, Inc., to provide interactive technology to help engage and educate consumers about the supermarket’s sustainability efforts. 

QA Graphics has been working with Hy-Vee, an employee-owned corporation operating 236 supermarket and drugstores in eight Midwestern states, since 2010. Hy-Vee is working to more fully engage its customers, employees and supply chain in its efforts to become more sustainable in how it builds, operates and stocks its stores.

To meet its sustainability goals, Hy-Vee has prioritized its efforts around five key areas: green building, energy and resource conservation, waste reduction and recycling, products and sourcing, and packaging and the supply chain. 

So what does this mean? All new stores are designed to achieve LEED certification, the U.S. Green Building Council’s nationally recognized standard for measuring building sustainability. New stores include a number of sustainable features, including concrete floors, extensive use of natural and highly efficient lighting, and on-site electric vehicle charging stations. A number of energy monitoring and reduction strategies are used to enhance building energy efficiency. Programs are also in place for the recycling of a variety of materials, including construction waste, store consumables and a food recovery program in which a large amount of edible food is donated, while inedible food is diverted from landfills. Hy-Vee is also increasing its focus on sourcing local, sustainable, and natural and organic products and recently announced its new responsible sourcing commitment (Responsible Choice) aimed at improving the sustainability of its seafood.

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February 27, 2014
American Advertising Award 2014
QA Graphics, an Iowa interactive design company, is pleased to announce having won a silver award at the American Advertising Award celebration held February 22, 2014. The National American Advertising Awards Program (formerly the ADDY® Awards) is the advertising industry’s largest and most representative creative competition, recognizing creative excellence in the art of advertising.

QA Graphics’ entry, an iPad application developed for Latham Hi-Tech Seeds, was awarded a silver award in the digital advertising - tablet category. The application was designed by agency AKC Marketing, who then reached out to QA Graphics to develop the application. QA Graphics provides asset creation for a number of agencies and marketing departments nationwide, when they need a niche service or don’t have enough time or resources to do everything in-house.


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February 25, 2014
Stem Framework Logo


QA Graphics, Iowa interactive design firm, is pleased to introduce Stem, a framework and proprietary content management system that the company has created and is now using as they develop custom interactive applications. 

QA Graphics continues to seek ways to provide customers with more affordable solutions. Over the course of six years of providing custom applications, QA Graphics wanted to find a way to provide custom applications while using a consistent framework. To do that, the company developed Stem. This framework and proprietary content management system is used by the development team to efficiently and consistently develop custom solutions. 

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QA Graphics is hiring! We are looking for a marketing coordinator and an HVAC BAS UI developer to join our team. If you know of anyone that may be a good fit, please pass on the job descriptions. view openings here.


 February 20, 2014

QA Graphics is proud to announce the hiring of Cathy Ross. Cathy has been hired as the company’s Executive Vice President of Sales.

Cathy’s role is a newly created position at QA Graphics. In this role, Cathy will be responsible for leading the sales team in all areas and growing the business. Cathy will also work closely with other areas of the business including marketing, investor relations, operations, and large account management. 

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Sarah Erdman-Lewis, Marketing Director 
serdman (at)


QA Graphics is proud to announce the hiring of Michael Casner.  Michael has been hired as a programmer.

Michael has joined QA Graphics’ team to enhance internal tools for the BAS graphics team as well as other projects in the BAS graphics and interactive design departments. Michael has an extensive set of technical skills including Visual Basic, Java, C#, Lua, XML, SQL HTML and CSS and knowledge across numerous platforms.

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Sarah Erdman-Lewis, Marketing Director 
serdman (at)


February 4, 2014

QA Graphics, Iowa interactive design firm, is pleased to announce that they have joined the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association (FEMA).

QA Graphics has joined the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association to further connect with other organizations involved in agribusiness throughout Iowa and nationwide. QA Graphics has worked with a number of clients within the ag manufacturing industry, providing video animation and mobile app development services. By joining FEMA, QA Graphics hopes to continue to grow these relationships. FEMA provides industry leadership and connects agricultural companies and its associates to the resources they need to be successful. From large multi-nationals to the smallest family owned and operated business FEMA provides value-added service to its members.

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