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UX Design

QA Graphics provides stunning user interface design that put the user’s experience first.

Design for the User Experience

User experience (UX) design emphasizes both form and function. We understand the importance of creating visually appealing interfaces that express the functionality of a site, application, or BAS system. Our team identifies the users’ needs, then designs and prototypes solutions to address them. We design user interfaces that are uncomplicated and engaging. QA Graphics is able to combine information architecture with creative visuals to help companies stand out and provide an intuitive user experience.

UI & UX Design Services:

  • Application Design
  • Custom Informational Kiosks
  • Graphical User Interface Design
  • Interactive E-Learning Tools
  • Single Page Dashboard Views
  • Skinning & Theming
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QA Graphics’ experienced UX design team offers end-to-end solutions for building control application design.  Our team will create a site map to incorporate your ideas, then builds assets to bring those ideas to life. We deliver high performing applications that deliver exceptional user experience.

Design Features Include:

  • Activity logs & unique user settings
  • Controller settings & configuration details
  • Data trends and reports
  • Detailed control views & real-time monitoring
  • Script engine logic


Need an at-a-glance summary of your control system? QA Graphics works with your building control systems to create skinning and theming for better user experiences. We can re-design your UI for a more user friendly, visually appealing layout for your control system.

Design Features Include:

  • Information hierarchy to organize your content
  • Color indicators for easy understanding
  • Charts and real-time usage data

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Our UX design team can create custom informational kiosk applications that bring your content to life. These applications can be designed for large format or used across both desktop and mobile devices. Interactive kiosks perform a wide range of functions catering to your specific needs.

Design Features Include:

  • Building Events Schedule/Calendar
  • Donor & Sponsor Recognition
  • Lobby & Building Directories
  • Local Attractions & Maps


Transform your production process with Interactive e-learning tools from QA Graphics. We design 3D animations to bring your work process to life. This impactful training tool helps employees understand complex processes.

Animation offers real-life equipment scaling and demonstrations of how equipment works. Our UX design team creates user friendly applications to give your staff a better understanding of processes, procedures and maintenance without having to interpret training manuals. This improves productivity and workplace safety, which increase your return on investment.

Some applications for this tool include:

  • Manufacturing processes
  • Equipment manuals
  • New-hire/Seasonal training modules
  • Safety procedures
  • Troubleshooting procedures
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