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Update your control system graphics with custom 2D and 3D BAS graphics packages created exclusively for your system. Including symbol library development, v5 Symbol Library for purchase, 3D HVAC graphics, equipment and stock images.


Symbol Library Development

Upgrade Your Control System Graphics

QA Graphics has developed numerous symbol library sets for the building automation industry. We offer custom BAS symbol library development and have also created standard library sets, compatible with more than 95% of all major mechanical systems.

Our industry-leading staff of BAS graphics specialists, mechanical engineers, drafters and 3D specialists allows us to provide high-quality system graphics. Please call us today to discuss your specific needs for a custom Symbol Library.

V5 Symbol Library

Symbol Library v5 offers a competitive advantage in the BAS industry, delivering more appealing and realistic graphics than typically provided with BAS software.

Our extensive symbol library allows for customers to pick and choose only the system graphics that apply to their BAS system — making our BAS symbol library sets more manageable and affordable. Please call us today for pricing regarding our existing Symbol Library.

**Above pictured only a few select symbols to give a representational idea of the symbol library and it’s capabilities.


  • More than 350 static graphics with over 100 animations in orthographic view
  • Represent mechanical control drawings in a schematic, graphical view
  • Multiple duct lengths
  • Symbol for energy efficient equipment
  • Symbols available for any terminal unit ex. fan powered VAV, cooling only VAV, etc
  • Your 3-letter acronym on major equipment components displaying a watermark on major equipment components to protect the graphics (watermark can be visible or undetectable)
BAS Graphics HVAC Stock1

Equipment and Stock Images

Update your building automation system graphics with 3D equipment images from product lines including York, Carrier, Trane, McQuay, Liebert, Ingersoll, Baltimore Aircoil Company, Buderus, Cleaver Brooks, Murray and AAON.

We have added over 70 symbols including a Data Center section. Our system graphics images include air compressors, boilers, cooling towers, air handing units, rooftop units, generators, pumps, electrical and other miscellaneous components.

Our 3D HVAC system graphics provide detailed cutaways of mechanical equipment with more animations and details than typically provided with BAS software.

Major Equipment


Minor Equipment


Images: The 3D graphics are sold individually, provided for unlimited use. Images will be custom watermarked with your 3-letter acronym. Images are provided in PNG or GIF file formats. Contact us for other formats.
Timeline: When the purchase order has been finalized, you will receive the graphics files within 1-2 business days. Time may vary for custom solutions.



schneider electric

We are extremely pleased with the service and product QA Graphics provides. The graphical rendering of equipment, buildings, and floor plans are second to none.

Brad Tanner

XEC, Inc.